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News article6 October 2023European Food Safety Authority1 min read

EFSA Chairs the EU Network of Agencies

As of March 2 2017 the European Food Safety Authority based in Parma, Italy, assumed the chairmanship of the EU Network of Agencies.

EFSA will lead the network until March 2018 in close consultation with the so-called Troika which includes previous chairs - EUIPO (2016) and EUROFOUND (2015) - along with the agencies pertaining to the Network.

Since its inception the Network has assisted the EU Decentralised Agencies and Joint Undertakings regarding governance and management of resources, helping them to better deliver the numerous services they offer to EU citizens on legal, technical and scientific matters. The EU Network was created by the Heads of Agencies to enable a coordinated approach to information exchange and common position agreements.

As Chair, EFSA will roll out a comprehensive multi-annual Work Programme aligned with previously launched initiatives by predecessors EUROFOUND and EUIPO under the strategic directions identified in 2015 by the Heads of Agencies in Dublin. These initiatives seek to add value and visibility, and to find synergies and efficiencies between agencies and to streamline and simplify the operations of the Network at large. The Network will focus on bringing to fruition joint procurement services between agencies and with the EU institutions, on cooperation and sharing of capabilities in HR and budget matters such as competency management and workforce planning, on digital and cloud services including new approaches in the workplace, as well as developing thematic collaborations between agencies - in scientific and technical activities and communications - always in line with EU priorities.

Executive Director of EFSA, Bernhard Url said: “Our work programme focuses on sharing services so that we can create more value for European citizens by working together on joint activities such as procurement and IT solutions. And we’ll continue our cooperation on specific topics for example the work being done by EFSA, the European Medicines Agency and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control on antimicrobial resistance.”


Publication date
6 October 2023
European Food Safety Authority