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CDT-TR-2024 Traineeship positions

Step into a realm of professional development and hands-on experience with our traineeship program. Join us as we provide a platform for aspiring individuals to cultivate their skills and unlock their full potential.


Opening date
  • CdT - Translation Centre For The Bodies Of The European Union
Vacancy Type
  • Public
Type of Contract
  • Trainee
  • Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Target audience

The Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union offers traineeships for university graduates or students from the Member States of the EU who wish to acquire an understanding of the Translation Centre´s work and gain professional experience.

In 2024 the following trainee positions are available:
• 1 Trainee Greek translator (Translation Department)
• 1 Trainee Polish translator (Translation Department)
• 1 Trainee Advanced Language Solutions Section (Translation Support Department)
• 1 Trainee Human Resources & Staff Support Section (Corporate Services Department)

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