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External Experts

Some Agencies/JUs require the input of independent external expertise

Some Agencies require the input of independent external expertise to fulfil its mandate and to deliver its work programme. Hence, Agencies may engage both remunerated and non-remunerated external experts.

The selection of external experts aims to complement the Agency’s scientific expertise and to assist the Agency with expert advice on specific tasks. Agencies’ external experts contribute to the scientific decision-making in the EU with their scientific input. Tasks requiring external expertise include contribution to ad hoc panels, working groups and committees as well as the provision of opinions or advice on other technical matters (e.g. Rapid Risk Assessments or scientific guidance) or meetings (e.g. country visits or seminars).

Agencies select external experts based on their professional capacity following pre-defined selection criteria.

Pursuant to Article 237.2 EU Financial Regulation, Agencies may remunerate external experts for their work with a lump-sum indemnity (“fee”). The indemnity is determined and announced before the external experts accede to their task.

The external experts must strictly avoid any conflict of interest at any time during their assignment. They must adhere to the Agency’s Independence Policy for non-staff.

For more information, you are invited to consult the website of the Agencies that work with external experts.